Introducing high-speed, high-accuracy
laser cutting with unsurpassed productivity

mazak-logo.PNGYamazaki Mazak started the production of laser processing machines in the 1980's.  Today MSS Lasers Iberica and Mazak have partnered to provide the most advanced laser technology available, capable of cutting thin to thick flat workpieces, cubic workpieces and pipe and structural materials – all with high-speed and high-accuracy. This is made possible by using the latest machine tool and CNC technology and CAD/CAM software while focusing on overall ergonomic machine design.  Together, MSS and Mazak are proud to provide an extensive laser product range incorporating the most advanced technology, designed to meet virtually any production requirement.


2D Laser

We offer a wide range of CO2, Fiber and for the first time Direct Diode (DDL) 2D laser machine configurations designed to meet the specific needs of your operation. Whether you operate in a high-volume production environment or require the flexibility of a small batch, high-variation job shop operation, we can provide a cost-effective solution. Many of Mazak’s 2D designs integrate intelligent functions that automate the setup of the machine, reducing operator dependency and facilitating the use of automated material handling solutions.

3D Laser

The development of 3D laser-cutting machines has significantly reduced the processing time for many applications cut with traditional technologies. Six axes, including a rotary tube chuck, enable you to laser-cut a wide range of applications including structural shapes, spun parts, tubes, formed parts, bevel cutting of flat components and other high-value laser cut parts. Many of these machines have the additional capability of cutting flat workpieces for greater flexibility and provide more possibilities for meeting customer production needs.



set-up functions

tech_isf.pngA wide variety of automation functions are available for ease of operation and reduced set up times.

Intelligent Monitoring Functions

tech_imf.pngMaxmise machine uptime with piercing, plasma, and burning detection.  Protect your investment with active lens monitoring. 

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